FlashFish SP100 Portable Solar Panel | 100W/18V

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FlashFish SP100 is a best 100W/18V portable solar panel that combines high efficiency and practicality for outdoor use. It features high conversion efficiency with monocrystalline silicon cells, ensuring more energy is harnessed from the sun. The panel is equipped with dual USB outputs, including a USB-A and a USB QC3.0, suitable for charging a variety of devices. Its foldable and lightweight design, measuring 20.07×20.47 inches when folded, makes it easy to transport and set up.

Product specification

  • High-Efficiency Solar Output: 100W/18V Power
  • Dual-Port Versatility: USB and DC Outputs
  • Foldable and Portable: Easy Transport and Setup
  • Universal Compatibility: Suits Most Portable
  • Generators
    Durable and Weather-Resistant: Reliable in Various Conditions
  • Eco-Friendly Charging Solution: Sustainable Power Source
  • Quick and Easy Deployment: Ready for Immediate Use
  • Optimized for Outdoor Use: Ideal for Camping and Hiking


Solar Cells

Monocrystalline silicon

Product Dimension

20.07×20.47in (folded)
41.34×20.07in (unfolded)


4.62 lb

DC Output

18V /5.56A(Max)

High Conversion Efficiency

Sustainable power in compact designs

Convert up to 21.5-23.5% of solar power into free energy.generate more energy and perform better than conventional panels in hot weather.

Use The USB And 18V Ports at The Same Time

Dual-Port Flexibility for Concurrent Device Charging

The solar panel will split the incoming solar power between the two ports to charge devices simultaneously.5V USB and 18V DC dual output keep your USB/DC devices full of juice,without having to rely on a wall outlet, or a power bank, and brings you an unplugged lifestyle.

Fold Up As a Briefcase

Compact and Portable Design for Easy Mobility

When folded( 20.07*20.47in), the solar charger looks like a briefcase easy for transport and will weigh just about 3.66 pound; When unfolded (41.34*20.07in),it can hang on your RV, tent, or just spread out on the beach to gives you instant charge from sunlight.

What's in The Box