FlashFish P60 Portable Power station | 560W 520Wh/140400mAh

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FlashFish P60 is an innovative portable power station that is not only an ideal backup battery for home, but also suitable for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and emergencies where traditional power sources are unavailable. Equipped with a variety of output ports, the P60 can efficiently charge multiple devices at the same time, from smartphones to laptops, making it an essential companion for modern, busy lifestyles.

Feature & Specification

  • 560W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (1000W surge);
  • High-density Li-ion Batteries 520Wh with 800+ Life Cycles;
  • Deep of Discharge(DOD) 92%~95%;
  • Smart BMS Multiple Protection;
  • 3 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car);
  • 11 Outputs for Charging Multiple Devices at Once;
  • Compact, Portable, Easy to Carry
  • US Sockets by default


Battery Type

Grade-A Lithium-ion Battery



Cycle Life

800+ Times


L288*W189*H166 mm

5+ Advantage

FlashFish P60 Featured Summary

Its robust build and user-friendly design ensure that it's not only durable but also easy to use in any environment.

Robust Battery Capacity

Extended Power Endurance

It boasts a significant battery capacity that ensures prolonged usage, allowing you to keep your devices powered for extended periods, ideal for camping trips, emergencies, or any outdoor activities.


Compact & Powerful

FlashFish P60 can power devices under 560W, such as laptops, drone, TV, minifridge, fan etc.; As a 520Wh backup lithium battery, the P60 provides enough juice to run essential devices for hours, depending on the actual output.

Phone 18Wh

28.8 Charges

Mini Fan 30W

17.3 H

Mini Fridge 60W

8.6 H

Laptop 37Wh

14 Charges

TV 80W

6.5 H

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